Sustainable Real Estate

We are a turn-key solution for brokerages, agents and their clients to engage the  expanding energy efficient and sustainable housing sector.

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The energy efficient and sustainable real estate sector is still fragmented, confusing and constantly changing.


Trying to get involved is time-consuming and complicated.

Home rating systems can be difficult and time consuming to understand.

Consolidation & Simplification

EffProp provides

  • Easy to follow checklists for agents and their clients to identify energy efficient and sustainable features
  • Effortless online MLS® augmentation to promote these features
  • Automated creation of visual indicator for your listing
  • No need to be  an expert, we provide the tools for you

Green Index

Existing certification systems require a high level of expertise that brokerages and agents just don’t have time for. They also can be costly and sellers might not want to invest in them.


We have developed an indicator system that closes the gap between certified and non-certified homes.

Our Green Index lets realtors promote a home’s green*  features that are relevant for home buyers.


We simplified the complexities in the sustainable real estate sector and made it more accessible to the public.


* energy efficient and sustainable

Everthing you need to engage this fast-growing sector


  • Indicator – based on LEED, EnerGuide and Energy Star certifications
  • Includes Net Zero, Passive House, R-2000 and other green building designs
  • Evaluates energy efficiency, sustainability and green potential of building & land
  • Up to date with market trends and consumer demand


  • We offer reliable content about green real estate for your blogs and social media activities
  • Dedicated social platforms for subscribed brokerages and agents
  • Knowledge based forums for agents to support, expand and contribute their proffesional viewpoints on energy efficient and sustainable real estate


  • Targeted, easy to digest educational content on energy efficient & sustainable housing
  • Reliable and up to date
  • Designed for relevancy towards lead creation & sales
  • Sustainable housing seminars available
Unlock Sustainable Housing


A survey conducted by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation found that 79% of respondents feel energy efficiency and sustainability has some level of importance in the decision to purchase a home.


79% of respondents feel energy efficiency and sustainability has some level of importance in the decision to purchase a home.


The Wall Street Journal reports that on average, sustainable homes have 5.5% higher property value

Source: The Wall Street Journal – ADAM BONISLAWSKI April 29, 2015